The Volkswagen Touareg

Drive what you deserve. The self-confident linear design of the new Volkswagen Touareg evinces a unique presence. Attractive features like LED Matrix headlights and the Innovision Cockpit take enhanced comfort, driving experience and enthusiasm to a new level.

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The Volkswagen Touareg, combines the dimensions of an SUV with clean lines, dynamic proportions and stylish elegance.

Broad, powerful, self-assured: you first become aware of the Volkswagen Touareg’s strong character from its dominant front. The vertical grille blends into the headlights, with chrome strips extending outwards from the central Volkswagen badge over the headlight lenses. The elongated bonnet boasts clean lines, giving the vehicle its sporty appearance.

And the rear does not fail to disappoint either: sculpted shoulders and broad tail light clusters underline its progressive look. The Touareg lettering is positioned self-confidently in the middle of the rear, with the black gloss roof spoilers and large chrome tailpipes completing its distinctive and dynamic look.

After all, no one likes a‘dazzler’.

LED-Matrix headlights.

Apart from their basic function as dipped and main beams, specific single LED segments can be switched on and off using matrix technology to create a wealth of light distributions, depending on the different driving situations.

Oncoming vehicles and vehicles ahead are detected by a camera when you’re driving with main beam. Certain LED segments are controlled to enable you to permanently drive with main beam, without dazzling other road users. When you are approaching a road sign, for instance, the segment that illuminates the road sign will be reduced to prevent you from being dazzled by the reflection from the road sign.

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