Porsche New Car Warranty

Porsche reliability is well-known. However, if the unexpected does happen, we will ensure you can continue to enjoy your Porsche without worry. That’s what the Porsche New Car Warranty is for.

Valid worldwide, the Warranty provides coverage against all manufacturing defects. When the Warranty period comes to an end, you then have the option to extend your protection and peace of mind with a Porsche Approved Warranty and / or Porsche Assistance roadside assistance service. You can purchase a Porsche Approved Warranty when you buy your car, or at any time during your Porsche New Car Warranty. In the first year of ownership this will not require a 111 point check. At all other times, your Porsche will need to pass its 111-point check and meet all other Porsche Approved Warranty criteria. Additional warranty options are also available.

Porsche Parts Warranty

Every Porsche Genuine Part fitted to your Porsche by a Porsche Centre comes with a Porsche Parts Warranty. This warranty is not applicable if a repair or part has been paid for by a Porsche Centre or has been completed or replaced under a Porsche Approved Warranty or the New Car Guarantee.

Porsche Approved Warranty

Every Porsche is always a Porsche and every Porsche owner is always one of the Porsche family. Whether your Porsche is new, pre-owned or classic, you expect sports car performance, exceptional reliability, and safety. When you choose a pre-owned Porsche, you can also expect peace of mind. The Porsche Approved Warranty makes sure of that.

The Porsche Approved Warranty gives you the same protection when you choose an Approved pre-owned Porsche as when you buy a new one. It shows that the Porsche you choose has passed a comprehensive 111-point check for roadworthiness, reliability and safety. It shows that the vehicle has been prepared to Porsche standards before sale, with only Porsche Genuine Parts used, with all work performed by Porsche-trained technicians, and fully guaranteed.

Valid worldwide, it ensures your pre-owned Porsche continues to be comprehensively protected throughout its life.

The Porsche Approved Warranty matches the high standards of Porsche vehicles. We’re sure you’ll approve.