Panamera Models. 

A few years ago, everything to do with the sedan suddenly changed. Large, cumbersome, and thickly padded instantly seemed like outdated qualities. And on the road, something fast and dynamic began happening: a sports car came along. A sports car with four seats, an unmistakable silhouette, and performance figures associated only with a Porsche. The Panamera. It changed everything. For drivers of sedans first and foremost. Sporting spirit—in business and in personal life—found its automotive counterpart. The courage to perform found a matching performer.

Now the change continues forward. On the road, something is happening again. For sporty drivers—and their sporty companions—our engineers and designers have created the next Panamera. With the courage of a new generation.

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Panamera GTS Models. 

If you set yourself ambitious goals in life you have to approach them with courage and passion. The Panamera has proven that. From the first second it has blazed its own trail with no compromises and has united its apparent opposites: performance and comfort, dynamism and efficiency, work and family.

If you pursue ambitious goals you also have to stay focused. Concentrate on your strengths. Focus on the essential. Three letters embody this perfectly and, together with the name Porsche, have made history on and off the race track: GTS.

This has always been our byword for the direct, unadulterated, powerful driving pleasure that combines top performance on the race track with great sporty performance in the everyday. For our engineers it was once more a matter of honour and challenge to bring together the concept of a Panamera with the GTS principle.

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Panamera Turbo

The Panamera Turbo models aim to explore the extremes of feasibility. An ambition that’s obvious at first glance: from the dominant front end and distinctive front lights. The side air outlets in the front fenders are finished in the exterior color of the vehicle, and in silver color on the Panamera Turbo Executive. The twin tailpipes on both models are specific to the Turbo, and the brake calipers behind the 20-inch Panamera Turbo wheels are finished in red. The rear spoiler splits at full deployment for a significant gain in width—in line with the higher power output of the Turbo models.

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Panamera E-Hybrid

It takes courage to tread new paths. We are discovering them with the new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid—and it’s going to change your perception of hybrid technology. Just as it will your everyday life. With a maximum total system power of 462 hp. Sounds good? Read on.

The crucial factor behind the performance of the hybrid drive concept is the interaction between combustion engine and electric motor. The combustion engine builds power output and torque with increasing rpm, while the maximum torque of the electric motor is available at any instant. The result is a tremendous torque of 516 lb.-ft.—for incomparable acceleration from a standing start and a new maximum limit for your adrenaline level.

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