Important Information: Unauthorized import of VW Electric vehicles in Dubai and Northern Emirates

10th March 2023

Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles, the official dealer in Dubai and the Northern Emirates are aware that the UAE Ministry of Economy has released a ministerial resolution regarding the importing of Volkswagen Electric vehicles into the UAE through unapproved dealerships and traders. 

This ensures that moving forward all new Volkswagens sold in Dubai and the Northern Emirates is through Al Nabooda Automobiles and importantly are built and tested to meet UAE market requirements. 

Both Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles welcome this resolution. Together our priority continues to be the safety of our customers, we remain committed to ensuring Volkswagen drivers can enjoy the car they drive and can feel assured that their vehicle is built and tested for this market, to both the highest standards of quality and safety and always in line with local laws.

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Gulf News:

For more information on the unauthorized import of VW battery electric cars into UAE, refer below for previously released official communication on the matter.

17th March 2022,

Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles, the official dealership of Volkswagen in Dubai and the Northern Emirates are aware that a number of Volkswagen Electric Vehicles (EVs) have been imported into the United Arabic Emirates through unofficial channels.

As of now Volkswagen EVs have not been released to United Arab Emirates this means despite inaccurate claims made by these resellers, Volkswagen EVs currently sold in United Arab Emirates do not come with international warranty and subsequently all service and maintenance requirements cannot be undertaken by Al Nabooda Automobiles or any service facility approved by Volkswagen in United Arab Emirates.

Customers who do choose to buy through these unofficial channels should do so knowing that in addition to a lack of servicing and warranty the vehicles come with a software version intended for another market and similar to warranty and servicing, this cannot be supported by Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles. In addition the Volkswagen EVs being sold in the United Arab Emirates have been built to overseas market conditions and Volkswagen cannot comment on the suitability and legality of these products in the United Arab Emirates.

Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles remain committed to customers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates and therefore we strongly encourage customers to rethink purchasing a Volkswagen EV through unofficial channels. Customers should visit Al Nabooda Automobiles showrooms to explore the latest range of available Volkswagen products that are officially released for sale in United Arab Emirates and come with warranty and servicing support.


The Volkswagen brand is one of the world’s largest and most important car manufacturers. For more than 70 years the VW brand has been making innovative technologies, top quality and attractive design accessible to all. Since 1976, Al Nabooda Automobiles has been the sole importer and dealer in Dubai and the Northern Emirates for the Volkswagen brand and range of products.


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