The Audi e-tron

“The future is electric:”  The Audi e-tron is the first full-electrical model from the brand with the four rings. The sporty SUV combines the space and comfort of a typical luxury class automobile with a range suitable for everyday use, catapulting the driver into a new era with the electrical all-wheel drive.
Forward-looking, innovative, and electric – the next step into the future.  The electric Audi is available in two different models: e-tron and e-tron Sportback.

New quattro generation

The e-tron features a new quattro generation – electric all-wheel drive – that provides for superlative traction and handling on any terrain and in any weather conditions. It ensures the continuous and fully variable regulation of the ideal distribution of drive torque between the two axles – within a fraction of a second. In most cases, the electric SUV tends to use its rear electric motor to achieve the highest efficiency.

If the driver demands more power than it can supply, the electric all-wheel drive redistributes torque as required to the front axle. This also happens predictively even before slip occurs in icy conditions or when cornering fast, or if the car understeers or oversteers. The dynamic talents of the Audi e-tron are especially apparent at low coefficients of friction, such as on snow.

Details make the difference

The Audi e-tron reflects the fundamental formal idiom of Audi design – translated into the electric age by new, stylistically defining details. Typically for one of the brand’s SUV models, the Audi e-tron bears the octagonal-design Singleframe grille with vertical struts. Its corpus is largely enclosed and presented in platinum gray – identifying it as a fully electric model. At the lower edge of the Matrix LED headlights, four horizontal struts create the e-tron-specific signature in the daytime running lights. For the first time this is integrated directly into the headlights. The expressive design of the sill area with the black inserts visualizes the location of the battery and thus the energy center of the Audi e-tron. At the rear, slats in the wide diffuser call attention to the omission of exhaust pipes.

The large arc, into which the optional virtual exterior mirrors are harmoniously integrated, stretches across the expansive instrument panel to the sculpted door trims, taking in-car digitalization to a whole new level. The center tunnel console rests on open sidewalls. Seeming to float above it is the hand rest with integrated shifter, which the driver operates with thumb and forefinger. Lightness and performance are fused into one.

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