Warranty Manager

Locations: Dubai.
Category : Porsche

Job Purpose

To manage the warranty teams at all current operational locations to ensure the accurate submission of warranty and goodwill claims. To provide a professional warranty administration service that contributes to complete customer satisfaction and ensures the department complies with all current warranty guidelines and requirements as per the respective manufacturer.

To monitor the completion rates of recall campaigns and the correct submission of claims. To also ensure, through the management of the warranty teams, that the details of any new recalls are uploaded to the current DMS.


Team Management

  • Monitor team and individual efficiencies to ensure key performance indicators are met.
  • Plan the distribution of work amongst the team, utilizing the available skill mix.
  • Ensure that all warranty administrators understand and adhere to the claims process, and check that parts have been returned to the manufacturer where required or otherwise stored and disposed of as per the current manufacturer guidelines.
  • Develop and implement a structure within the warranty department to ensure that it is effective and able to deliver efficient and accurate processes.
  • Develop a comprehensive internal system of self-checks, including periodic internal audits, to ensure that the standards of claim preparation are maintained at all times.
  • Prepare for manufacturer’s warranty audits in a timely manner, including (but not limited to) documentation and staff preparation as required. Follow up on the results of any such audit and report them to the National Aftersales Manager.
  • Develop, guide, direct, motivate, and manage the performance of all direct reports in line with the Performance Management System to assist in the realization of their potential and to enhance their knowledge-based skills.


  • Review warranty reporting systems with the National Aftersales Manager to identify improvements where possible. Highlight any concerns regarding the operation of the warranty department to the National After Sales Manager in a proactive manner.
  • Inform all relevant employees of forthcoming recall campaigns and changes in warranty or goodwill procedures.
  • Identify and resolve issues regarding any pending claims, and communicate with the manufacturer.
  • Provide training to after-sales employees on the warranty process, identify what constitutes a warranty claim, and consistently reinforce the process to minimize the number of claims rejected.
  • Assist the service managers in the training of service staff with regard to the use of repair operations.

Recall Management.

  • In the absence of factory system interfaces, monitor that the most up-to-date information relating to vehicles affected by recalls is uploaded to the DMS.
  • Recall claims to conform to the correct standards in terms of content and accuracy.
  • To ensure the accurate collection of recall data from the DMS as required.
  • To ensure relevant recall information is cascaded to all relevant service staff as required.
  • Monitor the completion rates of recall campaigns and the correct submission of claims.
  • Management of the warranty teams, any new recalls to be uploaded to the DMS


  • Develop and implement an overall strategy for the warranty processing at all sites, including the claiming of extended warranties and self-empowering goodwill (Porsche). This strategy should bring together all warranty departments, regardless of brand, under a single point of control and accountability.
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of all warranty procedures and documentation. Support other employees on all warranty-related matters.
  • Produce reports for the management team regarding warranty submissions, credits, rejections, and customer contributions towards goodwill claims. Work in conjunction with the accounts department to reconcile warranty credit notes with the submitted claims and to highlight and investigate any discrepancies.
  • Maintain safe working practices and abide by the working rules and standards of the Porsche dealers.
  • Organize and attend regular staff meetings, using them as a basis for the communication of any ideas for improvement in processes or cost savings. Regular meetings and updates to the National Aftersales Manager must also be provided.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Control over the warranty job card work in progress by setting and maintaining a specific number of WIP per brand or warranty type.
  • Maintaining the standards set by the brands with regard to the submission dates of warranty claims.
  • Ensure that warranty audit results are at a level below 9% or the rate at which a debit is triggered (whichever is the lowest).
  • Completion of recall campaigns


  • Bachelor Degree or Higher (Must be attested by UAE Embassy and MOFA)

Required Work Experience

  • A minimum of 5 years’ work experience in the same role.