Warranty Administrator

Locations: Dubai.
Category : Porsche

Job Purpose

To ensure accurate submissions of warranty and goodwill claims on a daily basis and also monitor daily, weekly and monthly warranty reports. Provide a professional warranty administration service that contributes to complete customer satisfaction.



1.     Carry out all administrative functions within the warranty department in accordance with company policy.

2.     Administer the warranty policy in the best interests of Al Nabooda Automobiles, manufacturers, and customers.

3.     Keep accurate records of warranty submissions, credits, rejections, and customer contributions towards goodwill claims.

4.     Ensure that all after sales employees complete records correctly when a warranty is diagnosed on a vehicle.

5.     Check that all warranty payments received from the manufacturer are correct; challenge any discrepancies.


1.     Develop and maintain knowledge of all warranty procedures and documentation.  Support other employees on all warranty-related matters and provide training on the PQI system.

2.     Maintain safe working practices and abide by the working rules and standards of the Porsche dealers.

3.     Develop and maintain relationships with after-sales employees, trouble shooters, and manufacturer representatives.


  • Higher Secondary or Higher

 Required Work Experience 

  • Must have worked in this role for a minimum of 2 years.
  •  DMS and CRM system experience is required.