Application Architect

Locations: Dubai.
Category : Others


Job Purpose

To manage and support software applications that meet the requirements of Al Nabooda Automobiles and ensure the applications are benefited with their max possible extent of functionalities and build-in business processes. To be accountable for DMS, HRMS, Contact Centre, Factory applications, and any other software application maintained by the department.


IT Strategy

1.      Maintain, develop and adapt software systems to ensure that the enterprise benefits from the features and build-in processes based on best practices concept.

2.      Adapting and maintaining the change control system when there is a requirement for a new or alteration of business processes in the software applications operated by ANA.

3.      Make sure the DMS and HRMS applications operate in line with the business objectives.

4.      Contributing and providing sufficient inputs for developing an annual IT plan and associated budget, based on short and long-term software requirements.

IT Support

5.      Supervising a team of DMS Support Engineers and System Developers to maintain and implement DMS and integrated software applications.

6.      Managing the HRMS, Daily Attendance System and supporting the users and vendors.

7.      Managing Contact Centre related applications, factory applications and any other application used by the enterprise.

8.      Performing application integration, maintenance, upgrades, and migration.

9.      Corporate with the Networking/Support team and plan for the critical application’s uptime, monitoring, maintaining backups, replication/mirroring and disaster recovery.

10.   Corporate with the Security Architect and implement controls to mitigate risks of data leakage.

11.   Provide IT support to the end-users, ensuring that software systems are running efficiently and in line with enterprise policies and procedures.

12.   Prepare business requirement documents when there is a business case to implement new business automation or alter an existing business process.

13.   Along with key stakeholders, conduct a GAP analysis when there is a need for process change.

14.   Documenting application development processes, procedures, and standards.


15.  Using the Helpdesk System to support end-users for incidents and issues related to DMS, HRMS and other software applications.

16.  Manage programming assignments, including flowcharting, coding, testing, debugging, documenting and implementing information systems.

17.   Explore the functionality of the DMS, HRMS and other core applications and discuss with the Key stakeholders to plan for rollout and implementation.

18.   Ensuring that software patches are deployed periodically.

19.   Developing and conducting training programs to educate end-users on core applications such as DMS business process and providing functionality awareness to end-users.

20.   Ensure appropriate maintenance and patch updates are performed on DMS and other software applications, getting optimum performance and security.

21.   Performing proper testing before enabling a new functionality in the production environment.

22.   Conduct regular audits to determine required enhancements that support the business operation.


23.   Develop, guide and motivate the performance of all direct reports in line with the Performance Management System to assist in the realisation of their potential and to enhance their knowledge-based skills.

24.   Develop a communication framework and related mechanism to ensure that all employees have access to the enterprise information on a need basis.

Personal Development

25.  Engage in continuous professional development.

26.   Arrange an annual appraisal with your line manager in accordance with the company’s appraisal process.

Key Performance Indicators

·         End user satisfaction percentage.

·         Uptime percentage of the critical software applications.

·         Amount of application functionality enabled that enhances the business.

·         The capability level of handling critical applications such as DMS and HRMS.


Education/Qualification, Skills, Competencies and Experience

Identify the recruitment specifications needed to perform this job at fully-acceptable level


·        Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Information Systems or equivalent.

Experience (experience required for the job)

·        Minimum of 10 years of IT experience in software development, installation and post- implementation support.

·        Knowledge, experience and certification in Project Management.

·        Proficient in programming languages such as Java, C, .NET, Python, VB, and WordPress.

·        Knowledge of SQL Server, Access database and SQL query language.

·        Knowledge of Database Administrator activities and being able to create and maintain database objects. Having Sybase Database knowledge is an advantage.

·        Understanding dealer’s business operations and DMS systems are a bonus.

·        Knowledge and development experience in social media, e-commerce and omnichannel communication.

·        Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

·        Great leadership, interpersonal and time management skills.

·        Great collaboration and communication skills.

·        Knowledge and experience in aligning application development with business needs.


·        Having knowledge and experience in implementing of IOTs.